Weedy and Invasive Plant Genomics

Weedy and invasive plants have tremendous negative impact on natural and agricultural ecosystems, yet our knowledge about their genomes is not very well developed. This workshop continues to update the state of technology and science of genomics, transcriptomics, and molecular genetics of weedy and invasive plants and traits of importance.
Date: Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Time: 1:30 PM-3:40 PM
Room: Esquire - Meeting House
C. Neal Stewart Jr. and Patrick Tranel
1:30 PM
The Genetics of Adaptation in an Invasive Plant (Ambrosia artemisiifolia)
Kathryn A. Hodgins, Monash University; Loren H. Rieseberg, University of British Columbia

1:50 PM
Polyploid Origins and the Genomics of Adaptation in the Worldwide Weed Capsella bursa-pastoris
Gavin Douglas, University of Toronto; Adriana Salcedo, University of Toronto; Gesseca Gos, University of Toronto; Kim Steige, Uppsala University; Karl Holm, Uppsala University; J. Arvid Ågren, University of Toronto; Khaled Michel Hazzouri, New York University Abu Dhabi; Wei Wang, University of Toronto; Adrian Platts, McGill University; Emily Josephs, University of Toronto; Robert J. Williamson, University of Toronto; Barbara Neuffer, University of Osnabrück; Tanja Slotte, University of Stockholm; John Stinchcombe, U. of Toronto; Martin Lascoux, Uppsala University; Stephen I. Wright, University of Toronto

2:10 PM
Uncovering Differential Molecular Basis of Adaptive Diversity in Echinochloa Transcriptomes
Gyoungju Nah, Seoul National University; Ji-Hoon Im, Seoul National University; Jin-Won Kim, Seoul National University; Do-Soon Kim, Seoul National University

2:30 PM
Genetics of Weediness in Sorghum halepense
Wenqian Kong, Plant Genome Mapping Laboratory

3:10 PM
Looking at the Bright Side of an Invasive Species: Spartina alterniflora from an Abiotic Stress Tolerance Perspective
Venkata R. Mangu, Louisiana State University; Renesh Bedre, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center; Hana Zandkarimi, Louisiana State university Agricultural Center; Niranjan Baisakh, Louisiana State University

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