Maverix Biomics: Tails from the 99 Lives Companion Animal Genome Project

Resources to accelerate genomic research for companion animals are relatively limited compared to traditional model vertebrates such as human and mouse. To encourage and enable a wave of new genomic research within animal research communities, Maverix Biomics provides complete genomic and expression analysis services, from sequencing library preparation to ready-to-use computational analytic kits. Results are interactively visualized on a cloud-based platform that enables rapid interpretation, secure sharing within or among different research groups, and the opportunity to build new research consortia. In this workshop, we feature presentations on new variant analyses from the 99 Lives Cat Sequencing Project, as well as a gene expression study to characterize inflammation in dogs, each utilizing the Maverix Analytic Platform.
Date: Monday, January 12, 2015
Time: 6:10 PM-8:20 PM
Room: Royal Palm Salon 1,2,3
Kelly Markiewicz
Todd M. Lowe
6:10 PM
99 Lives Cat Sequencing - nearly half way there!
Leslie A. Lyons, University of Missouri-Columbia

6:40 PM
The Knowable Cat: Which Genotypes to Believe
Holly C. Beale, Maverix Biomics

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