Plant Phenotyping Partners - Together for Better High-Throughput Digital Phenotpying

Increasing demands for yield/speed of breeding, classical approaches for phenotypic assessment of plants in the field need to improve. The requirement will developing an integrated approach to identify heritable traits in crop plants maximizing yield under sub-optimal environmental conditions. Linking genetics change to phenotypes, researchers have started using high-throughput plant phenotyping platforms for target trait discovery in crops. It is time that the approach combines the latest technologies in sequencing, and plant molecular genetics, with quantifiable phenomic screens across a diverse range of plant germplasm. The next generation of high-throughput plant phenotyping platforms should therefore embrace a systematic approach to improve upon issues such as advanced imaging (3D, hyperspectral, chlorophyll fluorescence), standardization in experiments and data, appropriate modeling and affordability. To this end, three biotech companies have embraced a concept, Plant Phenotyping Partners, to develop and share core competencies and technologies with a view to providing robust, reliable and affordable high-throughput plant phenotyping platforms better suited to research needs. WPS, PSI and Phenospex each offer unique technologies, such as • Field phenotyping • High precision drought screening • Kinetic chlorophyll fluorescence imaging • Hyperspectral imaging • Thermal Imaging • NIR imaging • Root phenotyping • Multi image capture for quantification of anatomical features • Intelligent plant transportation systems The Plant Phenotyping Partners hope to accelerate the development and integration of novel technologies leading to new concepts on the interaction between plants and their environment. With academic and industry partners working together, we will attain our mutual goals all the sooner.
Date: Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Time: 4:00 PM-6:10 PM
Room: Golden Ballroom
Bas van Eerdt
Steve Hunt
4:40 PM
6:00 PM
Agriculture in the digital era
Xavier Sirault, CSIRO Plant Industry - High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre

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