Arabidopsis Information Portal & Intl Arabidopsis Informatics Consortium

This workshop, co-organized by the Arabidopsis Information Portal (AIP) and the International Arabidopsis Informatics Consortium (IAIC) will present the development of a stable data and resources repository for Arabidopsis bioinformatics to serve the global plant research community. Included are presentations by plant biologists and computational experts on how the Arabidopsis Informatics Portal will be built in a sustainable, internationally-driven manner, and how it will be connected with a broad array of community-generated modules and their associated data.
Date: Monday, January 11, 2016
Time: 12:50 PM-3:00 PM
Room: Pacific Salon 6-7 (2nd Floor)
Christopher D. Town and Blake C. Meyers
1:05 PM
A Tour of the Arabidopsis Information Portal
Agnes P Chan, J. Craig Venter Institute

1:35 PM
Module Development for Araport
Jason R. Miller, J. Craig Venter Institute

1:50 PM
User friendly tools for the Arabidopsis thaliana 1001 Genomes
Beth Rowan, Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology

2:05 PM
HRGRN: enabling graph search and integrative analysis of Arabidopsis signaling transduction, metabolism and gene regulation networks
Xinbin Dai, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation; Jun Li, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center; Tingsong Liu, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation; Patrick Xuechun Zhao, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

2:35 PM
Predicting differential intron retention with iDiffIR
Michael Hamilton, Colorado State University

2:50 PM
ProtAnnot: visualizing effects of alternative splicing and transcription on protein sequence and function in a genome browser
Ann Loraine, UNC-Charlotte; Tarun Mall, University of North Carolina Charlotte; John Eckstein, University of North Carolina Charlotte; David Norris, University of North Carolina Charlotte; Nowlan Freese, University of North Carolina Charlotte

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