Development and Application of Transgenic Technology in Agriculture

Date: Sunday, January 10, 2016
Time: 8:00 AM-10:10 AM
Room: Royal Palm Salon 3-4
Ashok Shrawat
8:00 AM
8:20 AM
RNAi Mediated Silencing of Endogenous Wheat Genes eIF4(iso)E-2 and eIF4G Induces Resistance to Potyviruses Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus and Triticum Mosaic Virus
Jessica L. Rupp, Montana State University; Luisa Cruz, Pathway Biologic; John Fellers, USDA; Harold N. Trick, Kansas State University

8:40 AM
Expression of Heat-Stable Starch Synthase Genes Increase Yield Potential of Heat Stressed Wheat
Harold N. Trick, Kansas State University; Bin Tian, Kansas State University; Shyamal K Talukder, The Samuels Robert Noble Foundation; Hyeonju Lee, Kansas State University; Allan K. Fritz, Kansas State University

9:00 AM
Directing the Expression of Thermostable Glycohydrolases in planta and Designer Glycopeptide Engineering Technology for Sustainable Sugar Beet Post-Harvest Processing
Jianfeng (Jay) Xu, Arkansas State University; Brett J. Savary, Arkansas State University; Jose C. Tovar, Arkansas State University; Ningning Zhang, Arkansas State University

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