Genome management and analysis with CoGe

With over 24,000 genomes from 17,000 different organisms, CoGe is where most people are managing and analyzing their genomic data. This two hour workshop will cover the latest developments in CoGe, how to use its newest tools, how researchers are using CoGe in their researcher, and how developers are using CoGe to power their analyses and platforms. CoGe is available: http://genomevolution.org CoGe offers a multitude of advanced on-the-fly analyses. To accomplish these, CoGe is part of the Powered by iPlant Program and leverages iPlantís Cyberinfrastructure for computational scalability. Learn more about this program at: http://www.iplantcollaborative.org/discover/powered-by-iplant
Date: Saturday, January 9, 2016
Time: 4:00 PM-6:10 PM
Room: California
Eric Lyons
Haibao Tang
4:00 PM
Introduction to CoGe
Eric Lyons, University of Arizona

4:40 PM
APIs and Automated Workflows
Sean Davey, University of Arizona

5:00 PM
FractBias: Graphical and Integrated Tool for Assessing Fractionation Bias after Whole Genome Duplications
Blake L. Joyce, University of Arizona; Sean Davey, University of Arizona; Matthew Bomhoff, University of Arizona; James C Schnable, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Eric Lyons, University of Arizona

5:20 PM
High-Performance and Complex Data Visualization in Genomics
Asher K Haug-Baltzell, University of Arizona; Eric Lyons, University of Arizona

5:40 PM
Integration of CoGe's Data Services in iPlant
Jeremy D. DeBarry, University of Arizona

6:00 PM
Allen Hubbard, University of Delaware

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