Date: Sunday, January 10, 2016
Time: 10:30 AM-12:40 PM
Room: Town and Country
M. Eric Schranz
Boulos Chalhoub
10:30 AM
Introduction Slides
M. Eric Schranz, University of Amsterdam

10:50 AM
11:10 AM
A Polyploid Origin for Dopamine Receptors Across the Vertebrates
Asher K Haug-Baltzell, University of Arizona; Erich Jarvis, Duke University Medical Center; Fiona McCarthy, University of Arizona; Eric Lyons, University of Arizona

11:30 AM
11:50 AM
Origin of Polyploidy in Sequoia: Tous pour un, pas de deux, or ménage à trois?
Alison Dawn Scott, University of Wisconsin, Madison

12:10 PM
The Double Reduction Landscape in Tetraploid Potato and its Implications for the Genetic Analysis of Autotetraploids
Peter M Bourke, Wageningen UR Plant Breeding; Roeland E. Voorrips, Wageningen UR Plant Breeding; Richard Visser, Wageningen UR Plant Breeding; Chris Maliepaard, Wageningen UR Plant Breeding

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