Poultry 1

Presentations and discussions on research to improve poultry using modern genetic and genomic methods. Organized by USDA Multistate Research Project NC1170, and NRSP-8 Poultry
Date: Saturday, January 9, 2016
Time: 8:00 AM-6:10 PM
Room: Sunset - Meeting House
Douglas D. Rhoads and Fiona McCarthy
8:00 AM
Introductory Remarks

8:20 AM
Gene Expression Analysis Using 3’ mRNA Sequencing Reveals Exciting Prospect for Functional Genomic Research at Population-Level: Application in a Chicken Study
Behnam Abasht, Department of Animal Science, University of Delaware; Weixuan Fu, Department of Animal Science, University of Delaware; Zhu Zhuo, Department of Animal Science, University of Delaware

8:40 AM
Molecular Mechanisms Associated with Dietary Methionine Deficiency in Meat-Type Chickens
Samuel E. Aggrey, University of Georgia; Fernando Gonzalez-Ceron, University of Georgia; Romdhane Rekaya, University of Georgia

9:00 AM
Potential Driver Mutations for Marek’s Disease
Hans Cheng, USDA, ARS, ADOL; Alec Steep, Michigan State University

9:20 AM
HPIDB: A Curated Database for Host-Pathogen Interactions
Mais G. Ammari, School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences; Cathy R. Gresham, Institute for Genomics, Biocomputing & Biotechnology; Fiona M. McCarthy, University of Arizona; Bindu Nanduri, Institute for Genomics, Biocomputing & Biotechnology

9:40 AM
Gallus gallus Data at NCBI: From Genome Annotation to Gene Curation
Kim D. Pruitt, National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI/NLM/NIH); David Webb, National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI/NLM/NIH); Terence D. Murphy, National Center for Biotechnology Information, NLM, NIH; Francoise Thibaud-Nissen, National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI/NLM/NIH)

10:00 AM
AM Break

11:00 AM
Long-Non Coding RNAs Repertoire in Liver and Adipose Tissue in Chicken
Kevin Muret, Agrocampus Ouest - INRA, UMR1348 PEGASE; Christophe Klopp, INRA - SIGENAE; Valentin Wucher, University of Rennes I; Diane Esquerre, Plateforme Genomique; Fabrice Legeai, INRA - UMR IGEEP; Frederic Lecerf, Agrocampus Ouest - INRA, UMR1348 PEGASE; Colette Desert, Agrocampus Ouest - INRA, UMR1348 PEGASE; Morgane Boutin, Agrocampus Ouest - INRA, UMR1348 PEGASE; Herve Acloque, INRA-GenPhySE; Elisabetta Giuffra, INRA, UMR de Génétique Animale et Biologie Intégrative; Sarah Djebali, INRA, GenPhySE; Sylvain Foissac, INRA-GenPhySE; Thomas Derrien, University of Rennes I; Sandrine Lagarrigue, Agrocampus Ouest - INRA, UMR1348 PEGASE

11:20 AM
Proteogenomic Integration for Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Chicken DF-1 and LMH Immortal Cell Lines
Byung-Whi Kong, University of Arkansas; Dongwon Seo, University of Arkansas; Bhuwan Khatri, University of Arkansas; Ayla Smartt, University of Arkansas; Sami Dridi, University of Arkansas; Walter Bottje, University of Arkansas

11:40 AM
The Role of the Avian Vasotocin 1a (V1a) and V1b Receptors in the Neuroendocrine Regulation of Stress
Wayne Kuenzel, University of Arkansas; Alexander Jurkevich, University of Missouri-Columbia; Gurueswar Nagarajan, University of Arkansas; Nguiessan Alphonse Aman, School of Medicine, Alassane Quattara University; Seong W. Kang, University of Arkansas

12:00 PM
Saturday Lunch Break

1:20 PM
Effects of Thermal Challenge on Turkey Muscle Development and Meat Quality
Gale M. Strasburg, Michigan State University; Daniel L. Clark, The Ohio State University; Cindy Coy, The Ohio State University; Sandra G. Velleman, The Ohio State University; Galen George, Michigan State University; Kent M. Reed, University of Minnesota

2:20 PM
Genetics of Dilated Cardiomyopathy in the Turkey
Edward Smith, Virginia Tech; Kwaku Gyenai, Virginia Tech

2:40 PM

3:40 PM
Transcriptional Analysis of Rathke's Pouch Formation during Chick Embryonic Development by RNAseq
Tom E. Porter, University of Maryland; Monika Proszkowiec-Weglarz, University of Maryland; Hsiao-Ching Liu, North Carolina State University

4:00 PM
In vitro Insights into the Transcriptomic Response of Chicken Cells to Stressors
Susan J. Lamont, Iowa State University; Angelica Van Goor, Iowa State University; Anna Slawinska, Iowa State University; John Hsieh, Iowa State University; Carl J. Schmidt, University of Delaware

4:40 PM
Understanding the Functional Consequence of Selectively Constrained Regions of the Chicken Genome
Lel Eory, Roslin Institute University of Edinburgh; Alan L. Archibald, The Roslin Institute and R(D)SVS, University of Edinburgh; Paul Flicek, EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute; David W. Burt, Roslin Institute Univ of Edinburgh

5:00 PM
Transcriptome Response of Small Intestine of Village Chickens from Two Agro-Ecological Zones of South Africa Naturally Infected with Ascaridia galli parasites
Petunia D. Malatji, Agricultural Research Council; Farai C. Muchadeyi, Agricultural Research Council; Este vanMarle-koster, University of pretoria

5:20 PM
Neal A. Jorgenson Travel Award winner: Angelica Van Goor

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