The purpose of the session is to showcase the latest research in utilizing proteomic and peptidomic strategies to address biological questions. Also of relevance are new developments in the understanding of how growth regulating peptides act in plants and animals and the role of secreted proteins in biology.
Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2016
Time: 10:30 AM-12:40 PM
Room: Pacific Salon 3
Madan K. Bhattacharyya and Michael A. Djordjevic
10:50 AM
The Next Frontier: Proteome Dynamics and Fungal Pathogenicity.
Ralph A. Dean, Center for Integrated Fungal Research

11:30 AM
The Quest for Tolerant Varieties: The use of Proteomics to Understand Stress and Identify Variety Specific Alleles.
Sebastien C Carpentier, SYBIOMA; Ewaut Kissel, KU Leuven; Jelle Van Wesemael, KU Leuven; Nadia Campos, KU Leuven

11:50 AM
Identification of Defense-related Proteins in the Root Necrotic Mutant rn1 in Soybean
Madan K. Bhattacharyya, Iowa State University; Priyanka Das, Iowa State University; Narinder Pal, Iowa State University

12:10 PM
Leaf Proteome Profiling and Their Interactions To Determine Disease Resistance in Grape
Remy Babich, University of Maine; Ramesh Katam, Florida A&M University

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