Resources and Programs for Undergraduate Education in Genomics

While advances in “next-gen” sequencing technologies are revolutionizing biological research, opening new opportunities for discovery, it is essential that we provide effective undergraduate education in order to prepare the next generations of genomic scientists. This session is intended to increase awareness among PAG attendees of ongoing and classroom-tested programs that can be used to advance that goal, freeing educators of the need to fully “reinvent the wheel” as they plan their curriculum and laboratories. Speaker topics will range from curricula designed to enable student-driven discovery and annotation of transposable elements and phage, to gene discovery, to human evolution, and hands-on exercises that enable students to examine, characterize, and explore the biodiversity —as written in the language of DNA --of living forms in our midst. Please join us to hear of those programs and to contribute your thoughts regarding challenges and experiences in communicating genomic principles to novice practitioners.
Date: Sunday, January 10, 2016
Time: 8:00 AM-10:10 AM
Room: Towne - Meeting House
Scott T Woody
8:00 AM
Intrductory Remarks
Scott Woody, UW-Madison

9:50 AM
What DNA Says About Our Human Family: Putting Students in the Tree of Human Evolution
Dave Micklos, DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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