Teaching Genetics, Genomics, Biotechnology, and Bioinformatics

The workshop will focus on the latest teaching methods and tools used to teach college (and high school) students in the areas of genetics, genomics, biotechnology, and bioinformatics. All faculty, researchers, industry members, and educators involved in these fields are welcome to present at the workshop.
Date: Saturday, January 9, 2016
Time: 4:00 PM-6:10 PM
Room: Esquire - Meeting House
Abdelmajid Kassem
4:00 PM
4:20 PM
5:00 PM
Recognizing Mutants Among Us: Helping Students Understand the Connections Between Genotype and Phenotype
Jelena Brkljacic, The Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center, Center for Applied Sciences, The Ohio State University

5:20 PM
Connecting Genotype to Phenotype in 7-12 Classrooms with iTAG Barley
Roger Wise, Corn Insects and Crop Genetics Research, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, Iowa State University; Laurie McGhee, Colfax-Mingo High School; Nick Hayes, Cedar Rapids Kennedy High School; Ron Schuck, Ames High School; Julie Gonzalez, Des Moines Area Community College; Lance Maffin, Bondurant-Farrar High School; Taylor Hubbard, Ankeny High School; Garrett Hall, Southeast Polk High School; Ehren Whigham, Iowa Western Community College; Greg Fuerst, USDA-ARS, Iowa State University

5:40 PM
Teaching Bioinformatics Data Analysis Using Cloud Computing Technology
Vivek Krishnakumar, J. Craig Venter Institute; Haibao Tang, University of Arizona; Shelby L. Bidwell, J. Craig Venter Institute; Benjamin D. Rosen, ARS, USDA; Yongwook Choi, J. Craig Venter Institute; Agnes P Chan, J. Craig Venter Institute; Christopher D. Town, J. Craig Venter Institute

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