Thermo Fisher - Molecular Technologies and Next Generation Sequencing Re-shaping Animal and Plant Breeding Sciences

A number of inescapable global dynamics are changing and will continue to change the agriculture and food ecosystem. The simplicity, accessibility and ease of use of molecular technologies and next generation sequencing are re-shaping the animal and plant breeding sciences. Thermo Fisher Scientific products and services offer high-quality, innovative life science solutions for every plant and animal research or breeding lab. Attend our workshop to learn how Ion AmpliSeq™ genotyping-by-sequencing and PCR solutions help address agricultural challenges and revolution.
Date: Monday, January 11, 2016
Time: 12:50 PM-3:00 PM
Room: Golden West
Delaney Wermuth
12:50 PM
Applied Innovation for the Agriculture and Food System
Ravi Ramadhar, Thermo Fisher Scientific

1:00 PM
Novel workflow for SNP genotyping in sugar beet
Piergiorgio Stevanato, University of Padova, Italy

1:30 PM
Parentage Based Tagging For Pacific Salmon
Terry Beacham, Molecular Genetics Lab, Pacific Biological Station

2:30 PM
Targeted Resequencing in maize using Ampliseq
Tiffany Jamann, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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