Triticeae Genetics and Genomics, Session 3: Application of genomic resources to Triticeae improvement

Date: Saturday, January 9, 2016
Time: 4:00 PM-6:10 PM
Room: Town and Country
Wolfgang Spielmeyer , Michael Bevan and Gary J. Muehlbauer
4:00 PM
Wheat Initiative
Helene Lucas, INRA Versailles

4:35 PM
From Genes to Phenotypes in Wheat – Towards Breeder Friendly Markers
Curtis J Pozniak, University of Saskatchewan; Kirby Nilsen, University of Saskatchewan; P.R. MacLachlan, University of Saskatchewan; David Konkin, National Research Council Canada; Andrew G. Sharpe, National Research Council Canada / Global Institute for Food Security (U of S); Krystalee Wiebe, University of Saskatchewan; Sateesh Kagale, National Research Council Canada

5:00 PM
Predicting Grain Yield based on Predictor Traits from High-Throughput Phenotyping, Genome-Wide Markers, and Pedigree to Increase Rates of Genetic Gain per Unit Time and Cost
Jessica Rutkoski, Cornell University & CIMMYT; Jesse Poland, Kansas State University; Suchismita Mondal, CIMMYT; Enrique Autrique, CIMMYT; Lorena González Pérez, CIMMYT; Jose Crossa, CIMMYT; Matthew Reynolds, CIMMYT; Ravi P. Singh, CIMMYT

5:25 PM
TILLING Populations as Forward-Genetics Gene Machines
Silvio Salvi, DipSA - University of Bologna

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