Animal Epigenetics

The subject matter for the Epigenetics Workshop includes classic epigenetics topics such as DNA and chromatin modifications, chromosomal imprinting, parent-of–origin or allele-specific genetic effects as well as more broadly defined topics including genetic regulation, reprogramming and non-coding RNA (large and small).

There are workshop presentation slots available.  Those interested in giving a talk, should contact Chris Bidwell ( with a topic/title by October 31, 2011.  Post-doctoral associates and graduate students are encouraged to submit a title. The workshop speakers need to be identified prior to registration and abstract submission (deadline is November 11, 2011).  There is the possibility of a $100 discount on the full registration fee.

Christopher A. Bidwell(Purdue University) and Erdogan Memili(Mississippi State University)
Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Time: 1:30 PM-3:40 PM
Room: Pacific Salon 6-7 (2nd Floor)
Christopher A. Bidwell
1:30 PM
Genome-Wide Methylation Analysis of Chicken Primordial Germ Cells
Chris Ashwell, North Carolina State University; James Petitte, NC State University

1:50 PM
Marek's Disease Virus Infection Induces Differential Chromatin Marks and Tissue-specific effects in inbred chicken lines
Apratim Mitra, University of Maryland; Huanmin Zhang, USDA-ARS, Avian Disease & Oncology Laboratory; Juan Luo, University of Maryland; Keji Zhao, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health; Jiuzhou Song, University of Maryland

2:10 PM
Genome-Wide ChIP-seq Mapping and Analysis of Butyrate-Induced H3K9 and H3K27 Acetylation and Epigenomic Landscapes Alteration in Bovine Cells
Cong-jun Li, ARS, USDA; Joo Heon Shin, Lieber Institute for Brain Development, Johns Hopkins University; Yuan Gao, Lieber Institute for Brain Development, Johns Hopkins University; Robert W. Li, ARS, USDA; Ransom Baldwin, ARS, USDA

2:30 PM
Feed Efficiency in Cattle: An Epigenetic Perspective
Stephanie McKay, University of Missouri; Kevin Wells, University of Missouri; Jae Woo Kim, University of Missouri; Richard Chapple, University of Missouri; Robert Schnabel, University of Missouri; Charles Caldwell, University of Missouri; Jeremy Taylor, University of Missouri ; Kristen Taylor, University of Missouri

2:50 PM
Predicted Controlling Element Motifs Using Conserved Sequences in Mammalian Imprinted Gene Clusters Reveal Evolutionary Differences
Marcos De Donato, Cornell University; Sunday O. Peters, Cornell University; Mohammed A. Al Abri, Cornell University; Ikhide Imumorin, Cornell University

3:10 PM
Transcriptome mapping and assembly of the DLK1-DIO3 domain in callipyge lambs
Christopher A. Bidwell, Purdue University; Jolena Waddell, Purdue University; Ross L. Tellam, CSIRO Livestock Industries; Noelle Cockett, Utah State University

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