CLC bio-Genomics Workbench: How to analyze, compare, and visualize large NGS datasets

Marta Matvienko(CLC bio)
Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Time: 1:30 PM-3:40 PM
Room: Golden West
1:30 PM
Lasse Görlitz, CLC bio

1:33 PM
Overview of Genomics Workbench
Marta Matvienko, CLC bio

1:50 PM
Comprehensive evaluation of de novo transcriptome assembly using CLC cell and other assemblers
Claude DePamphilis, Penn State University

2:08 PM
How to assemble a transcriptome using de novo assembly tools
Marta Matvienko, CLC bio

2:25 PM
Analysis of the milk transcriptome using RNA sequencing
Juan Medrano, UC Davis

2:42 PM
How to analyze expression data using Genomics Workbench RNA-Seq and Expression tools
Cecilie Boysen, CLC bio

3:00 PM
Analysis and comparison of variations found in three cattle breeds using the Genomics Gateway
Anika Joecker, CLC bio

3:18 PM
Evaluation of NGS Sample Prep protocols using CLC bio tools
Alex Kozik, UC Davis Genome Center

3:30 PM
Questions and Conclusions
Michel Seidelin, CLC bio

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