IWGSC - Standards and Protocols

Catherine Feuillet(INRA) and Rudolf Appels(Murdoch University)
Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Time: 1:30 PM-6:00 PM
Room: Golden Ballroom
Nicolas Guilhot
1:30 PM
Using LTC software to assemble physical maps in complex genomes such as wheat
Zeev Frenkel, University of Haifa; Etienne Paux, INRA; David Mester, University of Haifa; Catherine Feuillet, INRA; Abraham Korol, University of Haifa

3:15 PM

3:45 PM
The TriAnnot Automated Annotation Pipeline: Making Sense of the Output Files and Information - a Case Study
Nicolas Guilhot, INRA GDEC; Philippe Leroy, INRA GDEC; Sébastien Theil, INRA GDEC; Frederic Choulet, INRA GDEC; Sébastien Reboux, INRA - URGI, Research Unit Genomic-Info; Michael Alaux, INRA - URGI, Research Unit Genomic-Info; Matthieu Reichstadt, UMR1019 Unité de Recherche en Nutrition Humaine, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique; Hadi Quesneville, INRA - URGI, Research Unit Genomic-Info; Catherine Feuillet, INRA GDEC

5:30 PM
In-silico mapping of my favorite gene using the survey sequence of wheat
Michael Alaux, INRA-URGI; Françoise Alfama, INRA-URGI; Véronique Jamilloux, INRA-URGI; Sébastien Reboux, INRA-URGI; Baptiste Brault, INRA-URGI; Daphné Verdelet, INRA-URGI; Aminah Keliet, INRA-URGI; Delphine Steinbach, INRA-URGI; Hadi Quesneville, INRA-URGI

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